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Project Description


Client:   Rochdale Council – Rochdale Boroughwide Housing
Location:   Rochdale
Year Completed: 2016


On this project we worked with Safe Gard Solutions who were the designated alarm company for RBH. We were tasked with designing communal entrance doors which met the following criterial. They had to look good, be extremely secure and only allow authorised personnel through.

The current doors also didn’t comply with DDA regulations so they needed the control panel nearer to the door handle so with one movement a tenant could swipe his card and then reach the door handle.

This was a large project as we had to replace every single communal door for all their accommodations. In total this was over 600.


The Challenges


Our biggest challenge on this project was the vast scale of how many doors had to be replaced. The council had to decide which doors needed to be replaced first and then we got to work.

We fitted on average 5 doors a week.

Problems Solved


The problem with the doors that were currently installed was that the security door panel was too far from the door itself. The doors that had panels next to the door were not very secure. With our new doors we installed control panels into the door itself in secure way.

We also installed power assisted opening and closing which gave the elderly and frail tenants ease of access to open the doors but by retaining the same level of security.